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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Artist Statement; A bit about my work!

I am a mixed media artist-maker; I combine jewellery techniques with 'found' objects, fleece and crochet to create unique adornments and decorative objects, rather than traditional jewellery. I also make small hanging installations.
Crochet forms the main body of my work; in fact it has become something of an addiction. The crochet appears delicate and fragile; I use very tiny hooks, from 0.6 mm and 2.0 mm and very fine yarn.This combined with various found objects means that each piece is unique. Objects such as marbles, beads, bones, feathers, labels and wax are mixed with jewellery pieces and framed and contained within the delicate and seemingly fragile crochet 'pods' and 'nests'. I regard each piece as a visual poem.
I am inspired by Victoriana, Memento Mori and Mourning Jewellery, my themes are concealed memories and guilty secrets. I aim to evoke a series of emotions in the viewer, from sorrow to regret, from revulsion to morbid fascination.

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